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Small businesses and Start-Ups.

Risk-takers and visionaries spur all industries into better versions of themselves, forcing change and adaptation, even when it's a little uncomfortable. But for those who can change from a place of reasonable security, it's easy to forget how incredibly terrifying it can be to be that disruptor and to launch something new.

If you are getting started in the Casual Furniture industry, whether as a supplier, retailer, a rep or designer, sometimes it can feel like the learning curve is a little steep. First of all, it seems like everyone knows each other, and for some reason they just can't stop hugging. For real.  

Secondly, even though you may legitimately have the greatest mouse-trap, suddenly you realize that there are a lot more mouse-traps out there than you realized (and they all seem to be made of brown wicker... shoot). If you're new to Casual, this can seem immensely overwhelming, and it takes time to sort out what is made where out of what by whom; but you really want to know and understand all that stuff, to be able to speak knowledgeably about what sets you apart from the crowd.

Thirdly, you may have superhuman stamina and are loving the grind of the launch, but even superheroes gotta sleep, man. In start-up mode, it is too often true that a workload that ought to be carried by a full team really falls on the backs of only one or two trailblazers. 

All of the services we offer in product development, brand building and digital marketing can be combined into a unique package to support the unique needs of your new business. We also offer management consulting, which can take many forms; it may look like an afternoon video conference with your key people, or a longer term engagement to help you through the early weeks and months during and after your launch. 


At The Sunshine Room, we love the new kids... take a moment and learn more about how we can help you out with the details to set you free to shine.  Learn more on our Services page here.

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