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Product Development.

We design products that sell.

Furniture Designer

We believe it is fundamentally true that a design's merit is directly tied to its sales volume. We aren't in the business of creating museum pieces that everyone notices but nobody buys - we create differentiating designs that seamlessly integrate into your brand, and drive sales for your organization.


There is always a critical intersection between design innovation and consumer acceptance. We take a data-driven approach to designing furniture that is market-appropriate and well-matched to your manufacturing capabilities, resulting in new products that sell in and sell through.

Continue reading to learn more about our process.

the sunshine Room's

10 Steps of Product Development.

1. Management team consultation

2. Competitive analysis 

3. Engineering and tooling consultation

4. Preliminary sketches and approvals

5. CAD modeling and cost analysis 

6. Single unit prototyping

7. Full team review (which may take you back to step 6...)

8. First collection production run

9. Final pricing and photography

10. Market launch!

Serious furniture designer carefully san
idea concept sketching of product design

With over 20 years of experience in the North American Casual marketplace, we unite a long industry history with a sensitive creative eye and strong business acumen.

We have worked directly with manufacturers in both North America and China. For domestic suppliers whose manufacturing is overseas, please note that we can be available for overseas prototype review at your Chinese facility.

We look forward to meeting you! Please reach out to us to find out more about partnering on your next project.

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