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About us

The quick read.


The ownership of The Sunshine Room has been active in the Casual Furniture industry since the mid 1990s. Yes, we remember when forest green was the hottest thing in patio furniture, and when floral slings were setting the world on fire. We were so cool.

Times have changed, and not only have design trends evolved at a rapid pace, but major changes in global trade, manufacturing techniques, trends and technologies have contributed to make a marketplace that is at once richly diverse and intensely competitive.

Our vision for The Sunshine Room is to offer unique services that support and elevate manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and independent professionals in the Casual Furniture industry. This is a vibrant, innovative and dynamic industry, and our goal is to do our part to contribute to the long-term growth and enduring success of professionals across the spectrum. We love Casual. 

the long read: Our patio cred.


The longer history, going back to that slick green furniture, has its roots in a family sales rep agency in the 90s. Even earlier than that, Grandad owned a patio and spa store, and some of our earliest memories are there. 

We worked for many years as independent sales representatives, traversing the country writing orders every fall, and training accounts every spring. We published training materials for half a dozen of the largest names in our industry, and spent countless hours working in retail showrooms, both with store staff and with their customers.

In the early 2010s we moved over to the manufacturing and management side of the furniture business, and since 2013, we have successfully launched two full-service Casual Furniture suppliers in North America


These projects were literally from the ground up - from the earliest phases of product ideation, through development, prototyping, and production. Sales teams were established, and marketing materials created; websites and showrooms and social media channels and trade booths have been designed and set up; and then, the real test: convincing the market that your stuff is really special. And thankfully, it was.

A few years ago, we were contracted to completely overhaul the entire product offering of one of the biggest names in our industry. This company had a fantastic reputation for quality and service, but had ceased to be competitive in the design arena. After 6 consecutive years of declining sales, the first season after the new product launch yielded sales growth to the tune of 27%. And we are delighted to report that when we passed the baton back after two years, this company has continued to blaze a trail in furniture design, and is openly recognized as one of the leaders in our industry. 

We know the capabilities and limitations of manufacturing; we know what it feels like to give the same product knowledge training half a dozen times in three days, only to do it again the next week; we know both the joy and the grind of specialty retail; and we know better than anyone that you should never wear black when choosing outdoor fabrics, but we forget and do it anyway. 



why choose us?

We know the Casual Furniture Industry inside and out. Over the last 20 years, we have logged literally thousands of miles, spending time with specialty retailers across the continent, and with manufacturers in North America and Asia.

We can tell you who makes what where, how it stacks up against the competition, and why folks love it (or not). 

We have meaningful, on-the-ground experience spanning over two decades in sales, marketing, business development and design, and have a proven track record of success in all four arenas.

Not only do we "get" furniture retail, but we sincerely love it. We understand that the industry's collective success hinges on the success of the retailer, and we know that you face a unique set of challenges as a luxury brick-and-mortar store in a changing marketplace. We are in your corner.

Whether you're looking for long-term Product Development management, a short-term brand consultation, ongoing social media management, or periodic creative content creation, we can hardly wait to meet you. We look forward to getting to know you, and to partnering together to grow your business in this Casual Industry we all call home.

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