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Digital Marketing.  That term covers a lot these days! To keep it simple, we look at this as any way you connect with your customer through a computer or mobile device.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management. In a nutshell, this is exactly what it sounds like. We offer packages to set up, maintain and regularly post on all social media channels on behalf of your business.

In today's marketplace, your customers are always pre-shopping you on social media. Consistent, regular and engaging posting is often the determining factor in whether a buyer takes the next step in making contact with your organization. 


Our packages include a monthly consult with your management team, giving us both the opportunity to talk about upcoming events and featured items, as well as to talk about future development.

Services can be performed on a seasonal or annual basis. Annual plans start at $299/month, making this a very affordable way to raise the online profile of your business.

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The Casual Furniture industry is a fashion industry. Our products are gorgeous, comfortable, expensive, and constantly evolving. 


A good blog creates a sense of community and engagement, generating goodwill even before a customer has made contact with your business.  

At The Sunshine Room, we offer a host of blogging options for your business. You can start small with monthly blogs where we write on a subject of your choosing; or you can register for weekly or bi-weekly entries, and we can even look after the hosting for you. 

Digital newsletters and memoranda.

For independent professionals like sales reps and designers, a personal touch to your digital communications is essential. Your business is built on relationships, and you care about building friendship and trust with your accounts. Likewise, as your team often consists of three or fewer people, your clients tend to get to know each of you very well, and like hearing from the "real" you. 

At The Sunshine Room, we offer an option for a monthly newsletter to your clients. Content can be very flexible, but will normally include a blend of the prosaic patio details (lead times, product updates, etc.) and the personal. Features like a store spotlight, retail success story, employee profile, and a favorite product or an entertaining story from the road help to keep your customer engaged with you as a real person... not just the guy or gal who fixes their warranty issues.   

For agencies who are looking for more frequent, shorter communications, we also offer a weekly memorandum service, keeping your clients up to date on relevant supplier details, along with lighter content to keep things fun.

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Print Media.  Although at times it can feel like mobile technology has taken over the world, there is really no substitute for a marketing piece that your customer can touch and feel. Keep reading to learn about some of the services we offer.

Design Magazine

We offer a wide range of services that can be uniquely tailored to your role and your customer in the Casual Furniture industry.


Perhaps you're an independent rep, looking to send out custom brochures to a new segment of the market in your territory.

Maybe you're a retailer looking to send custom postcards or thank-you notes for a special event at your store.

Perhaps you are a new supplier launching your very first catalog, and you'd like to work with someone who knows the industry lingo and design expectations for the upper end of the market. 

Or perhaps you are a long-established manufacturer who needs an updated retail training manual.

Whatever your needs are, if you can dream it, we can build it.






POSTCARDs, greeting cards

...and more


Content.   Sometimes your marketing piece is fully designed, or carries forward from a previous year. Maybe your organization has unique needs, like reviewing and replacing website copy, or updating catalog content. At The Sunshine Room, we love the written word. Tell us more about your project, and let us know how we can support you.

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"A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special."

~Nelson Mandela

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