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Casual Market 2018: Q&A with Steve Anderson, President of IndoSoul USA

At the ICFA Casual Market last month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Anderson, the President of IndoSoul.

Originally an Australian company founded in 2012, IndoSoul now has corporate locations around the globe, and has been making meaningful inroads in the North American market ever since its launch at the ICFA Casual Market in 2014. Based in Los Angeles, IndoSoul has experienced rapid growth in both residential and commercial channels, and they continue to receive industry praise for their innovations in furniture design.

IndoSoul has a reputation for pushing the envelope. They use a variety of outdoor media – teak, rope, aluminum and textiles - to achieve a unique, fashion-forward brand presence in the upper end of the luxury outdoor furniture market. It is always a pleasure to spend time in their space and check out their new introductions, and this show had something extra special in store.


SRAM: As you know, Steve, we live in the world of product development at The Sunshine Room, and we’ve always been struck by the way IndoSoul is consistently on the leading edge of design, while still being accessible to the mainstream consumer.

SA: Thanks for that! We’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries with design and stay ahead of the market. We have a young and dynamic team, and we’re passionate about creating designs that are artistic and modern, yet practical in their application.

SRAM: You have some big news at this show. Can you tell me more about it?

SA: We do indeed. All of us at IndoSoul are honored to receive the ICFA Design Excellence award, as well as the Lilly Award for Best of Show in the Outdoor Furniture category.

Montage Table and Baha Dining Armchairs

SRAM: Congratulations! The Montage Table is absolutely gorgeous. Can you share a bit about your design process?

SA: We were feeling inspired by the beautiful ancient cobble stone streets of Europe. The brick work pattern, when we applied it to the stunning Indonesian teak table top, really brought the warmth of the natural wood to life.

SRAM: Besides the striking visual aesthetic of the top, I have to say that the surface and quality of the teak itself is really incredible. I also love it that you didn’t stop with just designing a dramatic top – that cross base is beautiful.

SA: We were looking to achieve a striking, minimalist effect while still having serious physical presence. With that new X leg design applied this year, the Montage dining table was the highlight of our show in Chicago, and it certainly drew in attendees.

SRAM: Congratulations on yet another dynamic product launch, Steve. We look forward to hearing your retail success stories as the 18/19 season progresses.

To learn more about IndoSoul, visit them at

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