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Independent Sales and Design Professionals.

The unsung heroes of the furniture industry, we would all be lost without the independent sales professionals who traverse the continent to serve and train retail teams, and facilitate the purchasing and planning of furniture collections that will inspire next season's retail consumers.

Likewise, the commercial channel of our industry would be a sad place indeed without the incredible men and women who work as independent designers and specifiers, building business with everyone from the glittering hotel chains to the high-maintenance residential design customer who needs everything yesterday.

As the pace of technology continues to shape the way everyone does business, as an independent sales rep or design professional, you may be finding that you're wanting to connect with your clientele in a new way.


As you reflect on your desire to connect with your client base, you know you'd like something more than what you have, but you don't need the full range of online media that your suppliers already offer.

Maybe this looks like getting a website for the first timeor establishing and maintaining one or more social media channels. It might be a monthly newsletter to your authorized dealer base or design client list, bringing a touch of the personal through a digital medium.

At The Sunshine Room, we have real-life experience as furniture road warriors, and we know how vitally important relationships are to your core business. We have a variety of services to help you engage in new and different ways with your clients, while keeping that workload off your plate as you continue to drive sales in your regions.


Click here to check out different ways to connect on our Services page.

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