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Furniture Retailers.

Specialty furniture retailers are the lifeblood of the Casual Furniture industry. None of us would be here if it wasn't for the talented, hard-working, fiercely determined entrepreneurs who make up the fabric of the retail landscape across North America. 

There are dozens of fabulous retail chains and large single-store operations who run a full marketing team of their own, God bless 'em. But there are literally hundreds of independent, family-owned showrooms dotting the states and provinces of this fair continent who are running a brilliant retail operation while being the patio equivalent of Head Cook and Bottle Washer. This section is for you guys.

The Sunshine Room offers a wide variety of packages to support you in your digital marketing and social media efforts. From small, print media projects, to regular social media channel management and store-specific blogging, we offer affordable services to support the independent retailer (because seriously, who wants to be posting on Facebook at the end of a 12 hour retail day?).

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